Transforming Hospitality: Over 75% Reduction in Costs and 40% Increase in Engagement (Case Study)


Case Study: A Leading Hospitality Provider

Background: A leading hospitality provider offers over 250 prime locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, specializing in fully furnished apartments for extended stays of 30 nights or more. Traditionally reliant on third-party booking platforms, the company aimed to enhance its direct booking capabilities and expand its reach within the corporate sector.

Target Audience: The company targets both B2B and B2C markets, focusing on long-period travelers, individuals undergoing relocation, and corporate/business travelers. It also seeks to foster relationships with corporate housing contacts to broaden business opportunities.

Problem: Dependence on external booking platforms limited the company’s direct customer interactions and data acquisition. Developing a robust direct booking channel and deepening penetration into the corporate market were identified as strategic priorities.

Solution: A comprehensive marketing initiative was launched in partnership with a renowned marketing agency. The collaboration commenced with an in-depth audit of previous marketing campaigns, spanning PPC, email marketing, and SEO. A strategic brand positioning and value proposition framework was then established to guide all marketing efforts.

Targeted campaigns were rolled out across various channels, focusing on segmentation and continuous optimization to meet the specific needs of their audience.

Results: The active marketing campaigns have been highly successful, significantly reducing the cost per action by over 75% and allowing for greater scalability. The company has also seen substantial improvements in SEO, enhancing visibility and direct bookings.

Additionally, the email marketing database has expanded significantly, with email engagement rates improving by over 40%. These achievements are central to the company’s ongoing strategies to enhance content offerings, leverage social proof, and amplify public relations efforts aimed at attracting corporate clients.

About the Marketing Agency: The partnered marketing agency is known for its innovative approach to digital marketing and strategic brand positioning. Specializing in driving measurable growth, the agency’s expertise includes digital marketing, SEO, comprehensive market analysis, and campaign management. Their strategies are designed to enhance online presence and achieve substantial business outcomes.

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